Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Color Me Happy

Sometimes -- not all the time, which is probably a blessing -- a good deal comes along on Groupon or LivingSocial or even our local newspaper's "Big Deals." (I think we'd go poor if they came along too often.)

That said, we got an awesome deal this past spring for four tickets to the Crayola Experience. (It used to be just the Crayola Factory...but adding "experience" makes it seem all the more exciting, I guess?)


I love crayons. I love coloring. (In college, I used to use coloring as a study break...and give all of my friends coloring books and crayons for their birthdays or Christmas.) I love doing crafts with my kids, though I'm kinda lazy so it doesn't happen as often as they (or I) would like.

So tickets to Crayola? Score!

The cost was $20 for the four tickets, plus $10 off a $30 purchase at the store. We went there last September for Ethan's first-ever birthday adventure, and the tickets then were $10 each.  They recently went up to $12 each, so I think we got a great deal.

To avoid crowds (bwhahaha!), we'd planned to go there when Stuart traveled to Kansas in mid-June. It didn't expire until early July so there wouldn't be too mad a rush. Perfect, right?


So last Friday, a mere three days before the coupon (a coupon I feel sure a BILLION others also bought) expired, we headed to Easton, Pa., to experience Crayola again.

Still in all, we had an awesome time together. We got there when the factory opened and didn't have to wait to do any of the projects. We got front seats to watch the "how they're made" show about crayons and markers and even managed to quickly snag our Happy Meals and head outside to sit under a tree for an impromptu picnic. (Though it was VERY hot last Friday.)

A colorful day of colorful fun in a colorful place!

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Kryten said...

Wish I could have come! :(
GREAT photos!