Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Musings in a New Month

Happy Monday! Happy July!

Wow! We've just past the halfway point in the year. Amazing, huh?

A "mere" 176 shopping days left until Christmas. Plenty of time....plennnnnty of time.....

Besides if you're anything like me you'll end up buying some fun stuff now, squirreling it away somewhere "safe," and then forgetting where you put it and having to scramble for something else with only ONE shopping day left... *wink-grin*

So we surprised the kids (and ourselves) with a night away at the local Hampton Inn last night. A spur of the moment thing that cost us nothing (thanks to Stuart and all of his travelling and Hilton Honors points) but dinner from the local grocery store and a tiny bit of gas to drive home to check on the animals. Can't beat that, right?

The kids loved the pool and the huge TVs and the comfy beds. We didn't do anything particularly special, except hang out together. V. relaxing. Something I recommend to EVERYONE, especially if you have kids. The time goes by so quickly. Snatch those fun moments while you can.

I'm working on an article for the newspaper about a couple who have been married for 63 years. It's a wonderful story to write. Very heartwarming and encouraging, especially as an example to the younger generation. I got to meet the couple and take a few photos today. One of my very favorite parts of working for the newspaper.

Enjoy Independence Day this week! Stay safe and have fun!!


Kryten said...

That was a great time!!!

Susie said...

I agree SO much! Thanks, my love!! XXXXXXXXX!