Monday, July 23, 2012

Many Musings on Monday

Happy Monday!  The second to last Monday in July.

Woohoo! Wowee! Sheesh!

Time is speeding along!

So we had a crazy-busy week last week. (Sometimes that's every week -- especially during the school year -- but this was a busy "late-night" week...followed by a busy weekend.

We signed the boys up for Vacation Bible School at our church. I really like the concept of VBS. It's a fun time for kids to get together and learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Doing it late at night (6 to 8:30) for five nights...not liking that so much. But both boys really enjoyed it, though for Ethan (and me) it was REALLY LOUD. The loudness stimulated him so that by the time we got home at 9 p.m., he was a really wired boy. We figured out ways of calming him on the way home -- soft music, Bear & Blankie, quiet stories, warm milk -- for the subsequent days.

Ethan felt very clingy, especially the first night, so I stayed with him for the whole week.  It was interesting to tag along with the PreK group as a end-of-the-line-wrangler-of-stray-kids. Hopefully, I was helpful?  I got to know the two leaders a little bit, and Ethan got to meet some of the kids he might be in Sunday School with.

Edward had a blast! He already goes to "Flight 56," which is his Sunday School, so most of the kids there were buddies already. We're glad to see him come out of himself. He was always so shy when he was younger. He still struggles sometimes with eye contact and feeling shy, but he's come a looooong way.

Emily continues to practice for her play, including every day last week. One of the lead actresses had to be replaced at the last minute due to getting really ill. That disheveled everything a little, but the cast seems to have righted itself and is back on track. They perform a week from this Friday and Sunday. I know that she's enjoying it, but I think Emi's ready for it to be finished.

Ethan had his "date" with my sister last Tuesday. She took him to Chuck E. Cheese for the morning. Again, he felt a little shy to stay by himself, but I tried to stay in the shadows and just take photos. He was hilarious!

We finished VBS on Thursday evening and followed it with a weekend celebrating the veterans of World War II. We manned the kids' games area. Since it was filled with re-enactors and there was a Big Band dance/concert later in the evening, we decided to get in on the fun. I'll end my musings for the day with some photos from last week.

Celebrating Emily's acceptance to the National Honor Society
Chuck E. Cheese with Aunt Sandy

Racing at VBS
World War II Days at Historic Joanna Furnace

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