Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Imagine That!

A few weeks ago, Ethan's imaginative world included "constellations" that were "invisible" and the Tooth Fairy.

I was just impressed that a 3-year-old could use the word constellations and seem to understand what they were.

He went on and on about this...not sure what it was related to, though it may have been the story he'd been playing with the Fisher-Price Little People set he'd been using.

But then he grew very serious and put his hand on Stuart's leg. "Daddy," he started with a sigh, his face somewhat somber. "Do you know what the Tooth Fairy is?"

Stuart said that he did and that one day she'd visit our house.

Ethan wandered around, still sighing and looking very serious, asking about other things and mumbling things about the Tooth Fairy (he can be difficult to understand at times). Then he plopped down with a giggle, on the floor beside Edward to watch him play a game on his iPod.

The very real (ie. serious) imaginings of a 3-year-old.

How soon we "older" ones forget that joy and freedom.

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