Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Freedom of What?

The thing about freedom of speech is that it has to go both ways. You cannot tell one side to agree...or shut-up. Sort of goes contrary to the whole meaning of freedom, right?

So I don't agree with the lifestyle choice of the lesbian and homosexual community. (Earth-shattering, I know.)  I don't appreciate them trying to redefine marriage, and I most especially despise their perception of my opinion as being "hateful" to them.

I disagree, but that does NOT mean I hate them.

We've gotten away from the concept of separating beliefs from the actual person.  I use the Bible as the basis for my values and beliefs. I may say that in public or in private to friends or acquaintances. But I never shove it down their throats. That's part of the freedom. To choose to believe or not to believe.

When people (especially those of public-figure stature) actually tweet about their desire for people who eat at certain restaurants (owned by people who support my view of traditional marriage) to get cancer and die....



And what's even sadder is that that's okay for them. If someone from the other side says that? It's considered a threat and horrific (which it is from either side).


Civilization can only exist where its citizens respect and honor each other -- on both sides of any subject.

It's agreeing to disagree...and loving each other despite the differences.  Since when did we become such an intolerant people?

It's a freedom to say something and a freedom to listen. In the case of stuff I don't agree with, I just choose not to listen. But the difference is I never tweet about it...or wish ill on someone who believes the opposite of me.


As another blogger noted: Choosing to boycott a fastfood restaurant chain because you don't agree with the owner's opinions and beliefs...such a first world problem.

How indulged are we?

Plenty of companies openly support the lesbian and homosexual communities.  You don't hear the rest of us calling on the fires of Hell to destroy them, right?

Know that even if you support those causes -- or any others I might not agree with -- I still love you. And because of that, I can agree to disagree with you.  That's TRUE freedom of speech.

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