Monday, July 16, 2012

Muggiest Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

It's hot. Very hot. But then it's July, and it should be hot, right?

It's funny to remember how much time we spent outside as kids during the summer. I don't know if it was because we didn't mind the heat...or our parents minded us going in and out. Either way, we had lots of fun in the sun.

Summer is nearly halfway over, which is kind of exciting and kind of sad.  We always have so many fun things we hope to do...and somehow the days pass one into another without us remembering that. My goal is always to make sure that we relax and have some moments of boredom, both of which I think are extremely important to children. Our modern culture has us raising our kids expecting to be entertained EVERY moment of every day. As a stay-at-home mom, I find that that can be especially exhausting to all of us. My mom never did it for us. Of course, she played with us and did things with us, but there were times when we were expected to entertain ourselves. Idle grass...

So Emily is in full-swing rehearsal mode and  has been busily working on her part in the play "Twelfth Night." They have been practicing for it nearly every day. It's the first of its kind for our county park system and should be a couple of fun nights. If you're in the area, the play will take place at the Gring's Mill Park at 6 p.m. on August 3rd and 5th. The costuming alone is phenomenal! And I'm know the acting will be even better!!

Edward and Ethan have been participating in the Vacation Bible School week at our church. The opening night was last night, and it was loud and overwhelming to say the least, especially for the youngest family member. But I think Ethan will adapt. (It's his first-ever VBS.) The staff are letting me stay with him, and I'm doing whatever I can to help out with the 32 (!!) pre-K kids in his group. The entire amount of kids (ages 3 to 6th grade) attending last night was 299!!  We'll see if it continues. They had the county's largest-ever Twister game. (Pictured above.) It was hilarious to watch the kids trying to follow the instructions. Someone came with a ladder-truck from a local fire company so that we could get photos of it. They managed to do so before a huge storm hit.

We ordered some of the coursework for Ethan's kindergarten school year. It should be exciting for him when it arrives! We'll order the rest next month and whenever we need it. It turns out we'll need to do kindergarten and first grade on our own since he misses both age cut-off dates for Agora. Still, that takes some pressure off of us and allows us to determine the timing of everything. Not a bad way to school...especially since we're starting him so early.

And one final tidbit: The kids each got a haircut last Friday. We went to the in-store salon at Walmart to get Ethan's hair cut (since it was only $8) and ended up with three new 'dos.  I think they look really nice. What do you think?

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