Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tooth, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Fairy

I was perusing my blog list the other day, reading and enjoying some new posts, when I came across this gem for a "Tooth Fairy Alarm."

Using the reminders on an iPod, you'll never forget (again?) to "see" her when she visits the evening following a lost tooth.

Great idea, right?

But then I'd never really forget such a momentous occasion...right? Me?


Well, it doesn't help that our kids somehow think the Fairy can stop by anytime...not just the night following the tooth's mouth exit.

Remember this time? And how about this one? Sigh. Or even this one among others. It all goes too fast...

Maybe, when the time comes, I'll try this new "alarm" with the smallest guy. Then, I'll hopefully be able to enjoy more visits with the Tooth Fairy...or at least see her. *wink-grin*

1 comment:

Kryten said...

Maybe we can convince T that the tooth fairy is a "limited time offer"? Like, say, 24-hours after tooth loss?