Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reinventing a Company

We've gone to see a few movies recently, and I always get chills when the various movie product companies flash their ads across the screen. You know, for things like the surround sound, or the animation, or the digital picture.

Each one has a part -- whether large or small -- of the whole movie we're about to enjoy, and that's always exciting to me.

I know.

It doesn't take much sometimes.


The one that stood out the most to me this week was DLP, a Texas Instruments company.

Texas Instruments.

Wow! That company's name conjures up a ton of memories for me.

My dad's desk calculator. The early personal computer my aunt and friend each had: the TI-99/4. (We had the Commodore 64, which at the time seemed lightyears ahead.) The Speak & Spell. My very favorite-most toy: The Little Professor calculator (pictured above). My husband's graphing calculator.

I reminisce about some of these products with my children on the way home. We revisit times gone by....

It's exciting to see a company last so long by reinventing itself...moving along with the times, so to speak.

According to Wikipedia, "Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a trademark owned by Texas Instruments, representing a technology used in some TVs and video projectors. It was originally developed in 1987 by Dr.Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments."

Texas Instruments started in 1930 under another name and formally under the current name in 1951.

That's a lot of history...and a lot of fun to see that this company is still a part of our world.

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