Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Sweetheart

Today marks our sweet poochie's 10th birthday. So we decided to celebrate by buying him a squeaky cupcake toy.  He decided to "celebrate" by taking a walk down the himself.  Fortunately, a kind pair of neighbors found him and put him on a leash and called us.


That would not have been a good birthday gift if something bad had happened to him on the busy road near our house. (Thank You, God!)

Here's Buster Brown, the birthday boy, in all of his glory. He wasn't too sure about the squeaky toy...but I think it's growing on him. We even sang the "Happy Birthday" song and lit some candles I put on his dinner. Not sure he knew what to do with all the extra attention today...but he's a good boy.


Emi said...

I hope he had fun ;) Happy Birthday, Buster!

Susie said...

LOL! You know he did, Emi. I'm just so thankful nothing bad happened to him. That would have been a sad birthday prezzie, huh? :)