Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Father's Day Sunday

I love this time of year.

Summer is nearly is finally finished as is hayfever (mostly)...and it's Father's Day, the wonderful day that we celebrate the loving and special heroes -- called Dad, Daddy, or Dad-in-law -- in our lives.

Of course, we celebrate them everyday when we give them a hug or tell them that we love them, but it's fun to have a special day to really "let 'em have it."

Our special daddy -- ie. Stuart -- has been hoping for "mail-order meat" for the past upteen years. He's hinted and looked at it and hinted some more. I haven't really "bitten" (pun intended?) because it seemed so expensive. But since he always grills something yummy for Father's Day and a great e-mail deal came through (free shipping), we decided this was the year for "mail-order meat."

And to our excitement, he wasn't disappointed. *Yay!*

It's always my parents 51st Anniversary!! 51 years together!! What a legacy!!

Today's sermon dealt with living in faith no matter what the circumstances or consequences, knowing that God always walks with us. Easier said than done sometimes, I think, but always rewarding. Our hearts and heads have been filled with sadness for the family of Stuart's co-worker who died. His family is having a service for him tomorrow night. Attendees are invited to wear tie-dye. You can bet we will.

A really meaningful song from this morning:

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