Monday, June 04, 2012

Musing About Monday Musings

We like that they want to get God to bless
the troops and everything in their store...
When I first started blogging, an eon or so ago, I wanted to somehow do a post everyday.

Ambitious, I know, but I've always loved to write so I thought it might happen? Maybe? Perhaps?

Yeah, I know. It didn't.

I've never been good at keeping a diary. I can go for a few weeks, okay, a few days, maybe, and then I forget or get busy or am plain out of ideas.

Still, I thought if I made the blog different enough to keep me amused, it might work.

So I came up with "regular features" -- ones that I could just plug something into to add a little variety to my posts, that would keep me from spraining my brain through having to come be creative 24/7...thus burning out.

Hence, Wordless Wednesdays, Fridays Funnies, Saturday Sweethearts, and Sweet Sundays were "born."

For a long time, I did a weekly recap in the form of some kind of "Monday musings" and, occasionally, I did Tuesday Tidbits or Thoughtful Thursdays. (Can you tell I like alliterations?)

I haven't done a Monday post in a long long time. I think the last time happened here.

So I'll attempt to pick up -- next week -- where I left off -- next week -- and again chronicle the life -- next week -- in our family's days...maybe next week.

If you ever get bored and have a suggestion or two, I'm all ears.


Alchris Mendoza said...

I feel the same way—I used to blog every day in 2008 until I became busy with a lot of stuff in 2009 onward.

But I just know I have to blog, whether somebody could be reading or not. At least when I die, like a sudden death, my blog could somehow be my legacy, well if I won't be able to finish my "future bestseller." :)

Keep writing. God bless you and your family!(Just came across your blog while surfing, and the first paragraph in your June 4 post caught my attention.)

Susie said...

Thanks, Alchris!! Blogging is a lot of fun, isn't it? But sometimes it's time-consuming, too. Good luck with your blog -- and your bestseller! ;)