Monday, March 28, 2011

"Monday, Monday...

...can't trust that day."

That's for sure!

I love Mondays...usually.

Mondays remind me of a blank slate -- a brandnew start to another week. Time to tidy up after the weekend and get things back in order.

I know most of my family doesn't see me as organized, but I am very methodical. But my organization -- like most other people's -- fits and works for me. 

I usually get up before everyone else and come downstairs. After turning on the radio, I fill the kettle and get Ethan's milk ready. Then I let out the dog and fill his bowl with food. Then I prepare the coffee and start the timer. While I wait for the timer, I clean out the cats' litterbox and feed them. I let in the dog and pour the coffee -- maybe doing a few dishes that might be in the sink or making Stuart's lunch (but only if there's time). Now I am ready to greet Stuart and Ethan and spend a few moments drinking our coffee/milk (respectively).

I like routine. It's the stabilizing influence of my life.

But sometimes it can become the opposite. Sometimes I feel like my world is shaken if something is done out of order or messed up...

Thus, today is a mess (in my mind). We have three sick little car...and the need for a very long nap and some sunshine.

Still, there's always tomorrow. A clean slate on which to rebuild my routine...right? Right?


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