Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Back in the Saddle...Again?

There's an old Gene Autry song that's been running through my head as I type this post tonight...

"I'm back in the saddle again

Out where a friend is a friend
Where the longhorn cattle feed
On the lowly gypsum weed
Back in the saddle again

Ridin' the range once more
Totin' my old .44
Where you sleep out every night
And the only law is right
Back in the saddle again

Rockin' to and fro
Back in the saddle again
I go my way
Back in the saddle again..."

It's been such a long time since I made an effort to blog daily...or at least mostly daily...or even bi-weekly...or every few months?

I'm going to make another attempt because...because...

...well, because I miss it.

I know I did my one reader(s) a disservice by leaving abruptly and only blogging sporadically last year.  But I can honestly say that I didn't have the brainpower for it. I wanted to. Desperately. But there were too many other distractions -- some of which I will share later -- to keep me from my writing passion. A true "Writer's Block," mayhaps?


Sounds so dramatic, huh?

Still, I want to get "back in the saddle" and back to simply blogging.

Seems so easy in theory.......

Let's see how it pans out in reality.

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