Monday, March 14, 2011

Half-Birthday Blessings

Our littlest guy turned 2 1/2 today. Two and one-half!

How did that happen?

He chats and draws and reads and pretends and teases and jumps and potties...all like a big boy.

How did that happen?

We still think of him as "our baby," but he is quick to remind us that he isn't that anymore.

"I Ethan," he tells us.

In following with family tradition, we had our fun little "half-birthday" celebration today. Birthdays start with presents and cards and a fun birthday adventure. Half-birthdays start with, well, a big half-birthday kiss and maybe something fun for breakfast.

The real "celebration" starts in the evening with a special dinner, some cake with the appropriate number of candles plus a half, and presents. Nothing too big, but something fun.
Ethan kept us entertained while he opened his cards and gifts. He pretended to read some of the cards and made up the names of who gave them to him. He's quite the comic. 

Blowing out the candles proved a bit hard for him -- especially when he blew up instead of out. A little help from Mommy and he was on his way to eating the cupcake.

Then he played with some of his gifts, and he even won his new "Hungry Caterpillar" game.

All in all, a fun day for him.

We're so blessed.

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Woodie said...

what a sweet idea for a family tradition. half-birthdays. I love it. thanks for sharing. I think I will make a note and send my little niece a 1/2 birthday card when it rolls around. :)