Monday, March 07, 2011


For Valentine's Day, I gave Stuart a CD of romantic songs that I found at our local Starbucks. It was supposed to be a "together" gift that I would play for the first time while we drank coffee together, romantically pouring it from our new French press pot.....

Okay. Okay.


Three kids later -- especially one toddler -- and that isn't quite how it happened.

But that's not a problem.

We've still enjoyed the coffee pot and the music, though I have to admit, I've probably listened to it more with the kids than with him.

It's an interesting and eclectic mix of songs; some that I knew and some I'd never heard of...and, honestly, had they not been on the CD, probably never would have. Yet, I feel so much richer now from hearing them.

Make sense?

That's how music is for me. Much like a journey. I hear something and it makes me curious about it, and that leads me to another something, and I read about that and so on.

So...long story short...that led me down the path to a song called "Falling Slowly."

You know how every now and again you hear a song and it haunts you? Sticks in your soul so much that you find yourself humming it?

Yeah? Me, too! That was this song.

Emily and I got curious about it so we looked in the little leaflet that came with the CD to read more about it.

And that path led me to an indie movie called Once, the story about of two lonely people who love music....

Here's the trailer, which also includes part of the song:

It was one of the most fantastical movies we've seen in a long time.

A true love story.

And one that will keep you smiling for quite some time.

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