Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Memory

Happy Monday!

It's our first since our summer vacation from school started. (Woo-hoo!!) And it feels good to have a lighter schedule.

The kids started their "Summer Bridge" books today...and they're actually excited. (Makes me wonder how I can use something similar for them for school time. *wink-grin*) This is Ethan's first year to join in. He's SO excited. He keeps saying it's like doing "real" school. 

We're actually using it as an experiment to see if he's ready to start school in the fall. He's already reading/spelling basic words and doing simple addition and subtraction, so we're wondering if he might do well to start kindergarten at home this coming school year. It's always a toss up since we don't want to rush anything, but then there's the notion that his "window" is wide open, too. So we'll take it gently for the moment, and see how it goes before we order any curriculum.

Emily is performing in a Shakespeare play this summer. She's "Curio" in Twelfth Night, and they'll be doing the performances in a local park. Looks like a good time for everyone. Here's hoping for good weather.

We go tonight -- clad in our tie-dye shirts -- to say farewell to Stuart's co-worker and friend, Bret. It still feels so surreal to us. We keep thinking about his wife and kids...and how much shock they must be feeling right now. Stuart's company offered to pay for the travels of any of the salesmen/women who wanted to come in for the service. Should be a large crowd. Bret worked there for over 20 years.

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