Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's such a small, yet powerful, number at times...

One germ is all it takes to make a whole family sick with a cold virus.

One cookie is all it takes to win the heart of a toddler.

One stone is all it took for little David to fell giant Goliath.

One mean word is all it takes to cut a person to the core.

One word is all it takes to accept or decline a marriage proposal.

One parent is all it takes to raise kids...and yet...

Two parents support each other, make a tag team of sorts, provide balance.

Two words seal the vows of marriage.

Two words heal the damage of a mean word.

Two stones weren't necessary -- with God involved -- to knock down the giant Goliath.

Two cookies more than win the heart of a toddler and teach the valuable lesson of sharing.

Two germs....two germs....nope. No matter what size family you have, you still only need one germ. But two is what you get when it divides itself...and two more...and two more...

Stupid cold virus.

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It Feels Like Chaos said...

I hear you about the cold virus! And here I thought with summer weather in our area we'd be done with that for a few months, but sigh, my 2 littles both now have runny noses - yuck!