Monday, May 14, 2012

A Memorable Mother's Day

Lots can be said about the special once-a-year day set aside to celebrate mothers...

For me, it's the one day that is all mine -- at least for the moment.

Having a shared birthday makes that day a shared experience -- not that I would trade it for anything. My daughter is my best-est birthday buddy and, very often, my "mini me." And that makes me so proud!!  People continually tell us how sorry they are that we don't get our own special day. And sometimes that makes us feel a bit sad. We do get our own special just happens to be the same one.

So back to Mother's Day...

Since Stuart was travelling -- leaving on Mother's Day -- this year and Edward wanted to play in our soccer club's annual Quarry Classic tournament, also on Mother's Day, we decided to do Mother's Day on Friday instead of Sunday.

Stuart dubbed it "Mother's Day! (Observed!)" and I loved it!

We opened prezzies in bed...had donuts for breakfast...went out to Starbucks for our weekly writing time...ate lunch at Chick Fil'A...spent some time at Target...made special plates....had hotdogs on the grill....and played a game together.

For me, time together is the best ever present. I love being with my peeps -- big and small -- and listening to them chatter and laugh...and, well, just be kids.

Makes me realize how much I have to be thankful for.

*  *  *

My gifts this year:

As with my older kids at the same age, I got a funny one from the 3-year-old: fruit snacks. According to his siblings, he was very decisive, after giving up the toilet plunger he had been carrying. I asked him why he chose them (because I do like them very much!), and he told me that he thought they'd be good for us to eat together. Hmm...notice that the gift is one to share...don't know of any other men, er, um, boys who might have gotten their moms gifts that could possibly be shared...

Emily's and Edward's gifts were more "practical:" a ceramic frog and coffee-filled chocolates. Mmm!! And Stuart got me an iTunes gift card to go with their "together-gift" of an iPad 2. Did I mention how much I love my sweet peeps?

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