Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Of Three-Year-Olds and Literalness

Just as his siblings before him, Ethan is a constant comedian...without meaning to be.

A collection of his recent sayings and happenings:

"I can't clean up. I lost my 'fast power' in the jungle."

"I will still love you when I am a giant. I'll be a giant when I'm 83...because 83 is a big number."

While watching Edward play at his last soccer game, I noticed that he kept falling over. "Wow! I think Edward lost his legs." Ethan stared out into the field and then burst into tears. I didn't realize why he was crying until Emily told me that Ethan really thought Edward lost his legs. It wasn't until I showed him that Edward was still running around on fully-connected legs that he understood it was just an expression.

Ethan recently told us that his name is now "T-Han" because "the 'e' is silent and helps the 't' say its name." Interesting that he gets the concept...even if it isn't in the proper context.

Edward told us that he "saw" his name on one of the pieces of pizza on the big plate of extra pieces in front of him. Ethan stared at the plate for another five minutes before saying, "I don't see it."

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