Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Love, Chaos, and Kids

The kids just left with their daddy to buy Mother's Day cards and gifts for me.  It's the first year that Ethan can join in.

I had a pang of sadness when they first left. 

On one hand, I was excited, knowing that they are going to pick out something sweet and thoughtful for me.

(They always do. It's such fun. I'm always amazed when I open the gifts they choose...especially when they explain why they chose whatever fun thing they found for me.  I have a "virtual violet," a glass banana, a T-shirt with "Mom's Barn Mom's Rules," and a statue of a rainbow bugie...among other fun things.

My favorite memory comes from Emily's first time going out with Stuart to pick the gifts for me. She chose -- very insistently -- a can of chicken noodle soup...and it had to be the Healthy Request kind since it didn't have MSGs and I could eat it. Why did she choose soup, you might ask? Because "Mommy likes soup." 'Nuf said. She was 2 1/2.)

Back to this evening... 

On the other hand, I had a terrible loneliness suddenly. I know so many moms who say that they just need a break, some peace and quiet. I'm not sure why I don't long for that. (Maybe I'm just strange?) I can't say that I haven't ever wished longed pleaded with God to give me that... But the house gets terribly quiet and dull without the noise of kids. I'm with them most of the time, unless they have an outside activity to attend.

Somehow kids are the life of a house. Their noise and craziness and emotions and giggles and constant chattering all swirl together to bring about a certain chaos called LOVE.

There's a warmth in it that you just can't understand until you've had it and then don't have it. (My heart goes out to those with "empty nests." I can't imagine how empty the house will feel when the last of our "love-chaos" moves out...)

It just takes stepping back for a moment -- out of the fray -- to really examine what's happening. Then, and only then, will you see the blessing of travelling -- with a husband and three crazy, silly, and loving kids -- on this roadway called parenthood.

Though sometimes it's better viewed from a bathtub filled with bubbles, accompanied by a big box of chocolates... Just don't forget to turn down the volume on your music when they get back.

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