Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Snow Fun

Okay. Okay. I admit it. I'm a snow grinch. I'm probably one of the biggest ones out there. And I have no reason for it except that I really, really dislike getting snow inside my clothing or shoes. Hate it. Despise it. Abhor it.

Well, I guess there is a reason...

It all started when we lived in the city and had to park along the street. Since people weren't good at actually shoveling more than a few feet around their cars (i.e.: enough space to get the car out), I was forever stepping in the wrong spot next to the sidewalk and getting snow in my shoes. It could have been easily solved with the purchase of some good snowboots...but that only works if you have money for such things.


Putting that problem aside, I also can't stand having the snowy footprints that leave little puddles of brown water around the house. Call me silly, but I always manage to step in them which goes back to my original reason I cannot stand snow: wet feet.

If only we had a "mud room." *Pop!*

Ah, well. Sigh. No one dreamt of those kinds of rooms back in 1919 when our house was built.

Still, it's meant to snow tonight. A good 4-8 inches of snow. My kids are thrilled, exhilarated even...secretly, of course. They know that I cannot stand the stuff.

Yet, I feel bad.

As my daughter pointed out, I got to play in snow all the time as a kid....back when I actually liked it still. (Her emphasis, not mine.)

So I'll make some changes.

I'll like it for them. I'll let them go out and play in it, and I'll dry out the little water puddles that end up on my kitchen floor. I'll pop their wet jackets, socks, gloves, mittens, socks, snow pants, jeans, shirts, hats, scarves, etc., in the dryer while they thaw in a tub of hot water. And I'll make them mugs of hot cocoa to eat with warm cookies.......

Okay. Okay. It's starting to sound a little "June Cleaver-ish" but playing in the snow should be fun.

It should conjure up warm and fuzzy memories that they'll remember when they have children who want to play in the snow and they feel like snow grinches....


carebear said...

I'm kind of a snow grinch too, but I didn't even grow up with it. Yes as a kid, I loved the one day a year Atlanta got a dusting, the whole city shut down and school was closed. That was fun! But even then, I would only play the morning of...never go out again once I saw red Georgia clay peaking out from under a blanket of white. It ruined the effect and I was done. So per "snow storm"...I got maybe thirty minutes of playtime. ;) (except for our one "blizzard" of 14 inches)
And now I just get sick of it, even though it is beautiful when it is falling...I find it rather bland with out all the colors. Now if it would snow in the Fall...that would be beautiful. But alas, I'm rambling...I seem to have that problem today. I'm getting off before I continue writing more crap that just takes up space. :)

Anonymous said...

How much snow did you end up actually getting?

Emilia alias Jade said...

wooh snow in Pennsylvania, :-).
I would love to see the Susie-Snow battle...;-)

Lovely honest story Susie!