Monday, January 19, 2009

Methodical Monday Musings

Happy Monday to you! (According to Jadie over at Webmylia this particular Monday is known as "Blue Monday." I love what she suggests in her post.)

Well, it's only the third Monday in January, and I'm finally getting back into blogging regularly. Wow! There is hope!

The holidays were a blur, but we're still digging out financially and routine-wise. And I haven't given up on sending out our "holiday" cards. *wink-grin* (There are LOTS of holidays during the I'm bound to hit one of them, right?)

Still, the year is already whizzing by as per usual. The kids grow alarmingly fast these days. It makes me wonder what kind of "Miracle-Gro" additives we might have in our foods to make them grow up so quickly. I followed Emily down the stairs the other day, and when I got to the bottom, we stepped down and were looking almost eye-to-eye... Yikes!

Today is a school holiday, being Martin Luther King Jr. Day and all, so the kids are busy playing in Edward's room. They get to clean out their rooms later on so I thought they might enjoy some free time first. Isn't that like eating dessert before dinner? Note to self: more dessert.

Tonight is Episode 5 of 24's newest Season 7. Yippeeeee! Oh, I wonder what's in store for our hero, Jack Bauer. Stuart is away so we'll watch it "together" via the phone. You have to love modern technology. Once, when Stuart was away, we watched it online together. That was challenging since our connections were running at different speeds, and we could hear each other's soundtracks through the phone. Still, we couldn't have done that a decade ago. But that's a whole 'nother post. *wink-grin*

Anyways...I'm off to enjoy the day! Hope you do the same.


Emilia alias Jade said...

LOL, I laughed for this one Susie. First thanks for mentioning my humble second blog, I owe you.

Second STOP, eating dessert, we grow up too fast too. Not only the kids :-))))

Susie said...

LOLOLOLOL, Jadie! If I could, I would eat dessert for all my meals! ;-) Of course, my waistline (ie. my clothing) wouldn't like me I guess I keep eating sensibly. :o)

And I was very excited to mention and link your second blog. (I hope that was okay.) I love what you do, Jadie! :o)