Thursday, January 22, 2009

Say What?

We love to play games in our house. Computer games, PS2 games, board games, word games. Any kind of game will do. We just find them fun.

For Christmas, we "gave" ourselves the electronic version of the game, "Catch Phrase." Despite the annoying (and aggitating) beeping that goes along with each round, we have found it to be really, really enjoyable.

Last week, we decided to play adults against the kids...and the kids were really good! They nearly beat us! *wink-grin*

But what we found funny was the clues they gave to each other, trying to get the other to guess the word(s) on the screen. That's when age/experience came into play.

Emily had the words "rainy day" so she used the expression "save it for a rainy day" as a clue.

"Save it for?" she said, signaling for him to fill in the blank.

Edward looked at her blankly and said, "The bank? College?"

Hmm... He'd never heard the real expression.

Then he was trying to get her to say "bullfrog." He's doing a report on toads so he used that to give a hint for the "frog" part and then said, "A boy cow."

For some reason, Emily wasn't on the same wave length -- maybe not even in the same spectrum -- and said, "Frog oxen?"

We got a good giggle out of that and thus ended the round.

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Anonymous said...

We played one time! The word was "period". Claire's clue? "What mommy gets every month."

Uuuuuuuugh. :-P