Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Old and New


Stepping up on my soapbox.


It's a new year and as the saying goes, "Out with old, in with the new."

I've purposely stayed away from writing about politics on this blog because 1.) I think they're private and 2.) They can be divisive and 3.) I don't often "muse" about them anyway.

But today begs to have a post about it -- if merely because of its significance.

Democracy is alive and well, and today is a perfect example of that, given the fact that one President is leaving office and another is taking his place. The election held in November brought forth a new administration for our country. Democracy at its best...and its worst.

So all that is finished, and yet...

I'm curious why people find it necessary to use their "freedom of speech" to be offensive and insulting...instead of "agreeing to disagree." I'm bothered by the fact that people cannot simply wish someone leaving a happy life and leave it at that. It's disturbing to me that not one of the people (including the new president) has ever walked in the shoes of the past President. Wow! A big eye-opening is about to happen. As it says in Proverbs, "Pride comes before a fall...."

So, while my blog is small and insignificant to anyone else but myself and a few loved ones and friends, I am publicly thanking President Bush for a job WELL DONE!

Thank you for protecting me and my family, especially my little ones. Thank you for standing up for what is RIGHT...and GOOD. Thank you for trying to do your best in all circumstances and serving in your position with pride of nation yet humility of self. Thank you for taking the "heat" for all sorts of things that you didn't have any control over...no thanks to Congress. Thank you most especially for your deep love for GOD and all that He is.

History will vindicate you. It will show what a GREAT president you were and what a GREAT man you are.

My heart pounds quickly in my chest as I know our new president doesn't follow the same guide, that he has a different moral compass. But I will pray for him.

And since I know that God doesn't allow anything to happen outside of His plan, I know we will remain safe and strong, despite anything our government tries to do.


Okay...stepping down now. *grin*


carebear said...


Emilia alias Jade said...

Althought I'm not sure we agree on politics, and I'm not too much into the American politics (I'm Dutch you know ;-) )...I really like what you've written here. Thankful you are and I think America choose for Bush two times so Democraty is their in the USA!

Susie said...

But see that's what I mean, Jadie. I love that we can "agree to disagree" and still LOVE each other. It doesn't change my opinion about you one bit. I think it's so important to listen to lots of viewpoints and realize that the world is full of beautiful people with different opinions. :o)

Thanks, Jadie!

Anonymous said...

Dave said the hardest part of being on the Mall on Tuesday was when they booed President Bush. That and they were singing that song "Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye". His buddies who were up on the podium said the President couldn't hear it, but still. I like what Dr. Condoleezza Rice said in her final interview "History is not a popularity contest." So true!

Aduladi' said...

What bothers me the most is the words used in media articles about the day. President Bush was called "the unpopular incumbent" next to the "rock star president elect" and one article said "Americans are happy to see him go". These were major publications from which you would expect a little professionalism! I hate that you can no longer get an account of an event without some spin on it (not that this is new by any stretch, but it still bugs me).

I agree with you Susie and I thank him as well. He did his job well, regardless if it would make him popular. I will miss the feeling of protection I had knowing he was at the helm.

Raise Them Up said...

I'll add my thanks, as well.

Thank you, Susie, for saying what so many of us are feeling.