Monday, July 28, 2008

Musings on Marriage, Mini Vacations, and Monday

Happy last Monday in July! New day, new week, new busyness. Back to the "grind," right?

I always see Monday as the first blank page on a new tablet of paper: fresh, clean, and ready for new adventures... Well, it sounds more positive than just sighing and whining about missing the weekend, right? *grin* It's actually one of my favorite days of the week.

We returned late last night from a wonderful weekend away in Long Island, New York, where we attended the wedding of a "childhood" (more like early "teenhood") friend and had dinner with another dear friend. It was glorious!

The wedding was wonderful to watch. It's always such fun to see people join together in love, and it was so nice to get away to a true "middle-of-nowhere" kind of place. It was SO peaceful and lovely!

We had a good time driving such a distance in our new mini van. (I know. I know. I'm a believer now. The roominess and comfort was unbeatable. We'd only just gone to New York City a few weekends ago in "Speedy"...and the difference was amazing!) We sure put our new car to the test, though, since we had to start our journey home in the middle of a long band of thunder-boomers. The rain was torrential, and there was flooding everywhere. But that was only a small part of the weekend, which was like a mini vacation for us, so we're not complaining.

The wedding was on Saturday and the weather was the polar opposite of yesterday -- bright and sunny with only a hint of humidity. It was held in the outdoor building of a club called the Swan Club. (You can view a slide show of the few photos I was able to take -- due to dying batteries -- down below.) The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and loved watching their adopted "Auntie Sue" get married. They certainly "scrub up nice," huh? *wink*

As does this couple:

We were able to stay in the 22-room summer house -- built in the 1800s -- where Sue rented an apartment. It was immense and old and summery. And the kids absolutely loved it! Especially when Sue told them they could explore it!! Think "Scooby Doo Mansion." It had that sort of a good way. There also was lots of grass to play in and paths to explore and veggies and flowers to pick. Needless to say, they shed a few tears on our way down the driveway.

The house was at the end of a peninsula overlooking the Sound. We took a short trip over to the one beach and enjoyed about 30 minutes or so there before a huge storm took over and chased us back to the house. But I have to say it was awesome to see the lightning over the the faraway distance, of course.

We had some fun on our drive with Stuart's new GPS -- dubbed "Tom" from the name of the computer voice. Apparently, "Tom" has some sort of secret deal with the Turnpike Commission and oil companies. He had us going some very interesting routes, though Stuart ignored some parts and made him "recalculate." Until the drive home... He forgot to check the route "Tom" had in mind and began to follow it...only to discover it was the route we didn't want to take. Fortunately, Stuart caught on before we ended up going through Philadelphia to the PA Turnpike. We ignored "Tom" for the rest of the trip until he diverted us past a windy shortcut we've always used that isn't very much of a shortcut and is very, very windy. Stuart said he came through in the end. I think "Tom" sighed in relief after this since Stuart had threatened to box him up and return the GPS to the store. *wink*

Heard from the 7-year-old last night: He had to return to the bathroom for the third time during dinner. "You'd think I was the pregnant one."

Think it's time for that "birds-n-bees" talk yet? *wink*

Well, the busyness of finishing the unpacking after our small trip is calling to me. I'd best bid you adieu and get back to it.


Aduladi' said...

I think you are right about "Tom". Our GPS is "Maggie" and she tends to want to take us some interesting routes as well!

Susie said...

LOL! Tom and Maggie should get married. *wink* They'd probably get lost on their honeymoon, though.