Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Of Time and Books and Love

I love books. I've always loved books. I think that's what drew me into writing at a very young age.

Growing up, we always had a ton of books in our house, and my mom was a great believer in going to the library for more. One year when I was a kid, we even spent a rainy day on our beach vacation at the local library.

I love the way books smell and feel and, well, everything about them.

I'm especially fond of children's books. I started collecting them when I was a kid myself. So it was a huge thrill, years ago, to work for Boyd's Mills Press, the book publishing arm of Highlights for Children. I got to see the process of publishing children's books up close and personal.

As time moved on, however, and babies appeared on the scene, my patience level waned for reading anything longer than a board book. I had a stack of books that I wanted to read...but never seemed to have the stamina to do it.

Once the older two kids became more self-sufficient, though, I began to read again...a bit. Then another little one arrived and my reading level dropped to the point of merely reading the front and back covers of books I hoped to one day have the energy to read.

And so the stack grew taller, until I finally decided that I'm a "collector" of books. As a collector, I have the option of reading or not reading the books I have on my shelves, right?

Somehow that relieves some of the guilt I've been feeling in having all these fun books and not reading them -- yet.

Works for me, especially since I still love books -- to collect and (hopefully) read. *wink-grin*

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