Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings and More

Happy Monday! Happy new week! Happy nearly-the-middle-of-August!

I've erased and rewritten my weekly calendar as we begin a new week. I always like the "clean slate" effect that has.

Tomorrow is Edward's "half-birthday." I'm not sure he's even thinking about it yet...or if he is, he's being very quiet about it. It's always a fun way to break up the year, while waiting for the next celebration.

We're edging ever-closer to school. I think the kids are beginning to feel ready for it. Everything -- and I mean everything -- around us is focused on it. I think they started bringing out "back-to-school" signs and supplies at the beginning of July. It's kind of a shame because it ruins the fun of summer break by reminding us that it will soon be over...or should be over...and it had only just started a few weeks before that. (Yet another example of the media breaking up families. Get the kids back to school so that Mom and Dad can have their space/lives back. Sigh. Okay. Okay. Getting off my soapbox... I think I need to move us to a farm way out in the country with no television and limited news. I'm reaching a point of saturation....


Getting back on track....

Stuart got back from Kansas, a day late due to some heavy thunderstorms the night he was due to leave. Because of that, though, he didn't have to go in to work when he got home, and we got to enjoy him for an extra half-day. Win-win, right?

Speaking of half-birthdays reminds me of whole-birthdays. Less than a month until Stuart's birthday...and a month from tomorrow will be Ethan's birthday. Wow!! While another year isn't (too) big (a) deal for us "old folks," it doesn't even seem remotely possible that our "baby" is going to be 4! Where did the time go? No. Really?!? Can it stop for a teensy bit of time? Just so I can enjoy some of the everyday moments a bit more instead of feeling rushed through them?  I'm amazed at how time speeds up as we all get older. It seemed so slow when the kids were smaller, like life would never really get going. There were still so many milestones to look forward to and reach....then suddenly those are reached and passed and everything begins to flash by.

Sigh. I sound like a broken record.

We introduced the kids to "Mystery Science Theater 3000" last week and watched another one on Friday night. What a hoot! It was a spy "thriller," filled with cliches and bad acting...perfect for the commentary of three stars of MST3000. We showed them a part of "Plan 9 from Outer Space" on Saturday night and all of us agreed that it was ripe for a MST3000 show. Apparently, according to IMdB, they did try to make it a show, but it was too long. "Plan 9" has some classic lines, though. One of my favorites is: "future events such as these will affect you in the future."

I'll end with a funny anecdote from
I love the power of the written word.

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