Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Another Half-Birthday celebration hit our house today.

Emily turned 14 1/2.

14 years and 6 months old.

I harkened back 14 years ago to her first half-birthday. We started celebrating "half-birthdays" to help her get used to the idea of people singing to her. We'd heard so many stories from friends of how overwhelmed their babies felt on their first birthdays. It seemed a fun thing for her, especially since we share a birthday in October. (Half-birthdays are meaningless to adults who really don't want the reminder that they are a half-a-year closer to that next number.)

We gave Emily a "roll-around people set" wrapped in the comics from the newspaper. She loved it! The paper, that is. *wink-grin* No, she really enjoyed the set, too, but she didn't understand the half-birthday concept...yet.

Today, Emily harkened back even further from me to 15 years ago...when I was just passing my first trimester. What a relief that was. Not that I was out of danger -- pregnancies are full of dangers, right? Well, that's what my What to Expect in Pregnancy book told me -- but at least I was edging past the especially scary/sick zone.

Ah, the memories.

We asked Emi what she wanted to do after church today, since it was her half-birthday, and she told us that she wanted to "fence" and do a family version of Britain's Got Talent.  Both were a lot of fun!  Stuart showed us that he's an awesome fencer -- turns out he learned everything he knows from watching The Highlander and Lord of the Rings.  Then Stuart got to be Simon Cowell and I was Sharon Osbourne for the talent show. We finished the day by walking to the playground, opening prezzies, eating a yummy dinner, and watching the movie Tangled.

All in all, Emi said she had a fantastic day!  And we're glad since she's such a fantastic girl!

Here are some photos to help prove that:

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