Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few Ethanisms

"Out of the mouths of babes," says the old cliched saying.

When my older two kids were a bit younger, I used to jot down what I called "Emilyisms" and "Edwardisms," funny little quotes that I picked up along the way of their early kidhood. That's the thing about little ones. As they learn about language and life, they say the darndest things.

Ethan, of course, is no exception.

*   *   *

Today, he was singing a favorite kids' song in a low growl-ly voice. "I'm gonna catch better run...I'm gonna catch you. Here I come."

I overheard it as I was sitting close by and said, "Wow! That sounds ominous."

"I'm not ominious," he said, in protest. "I'm not an ominous boy."

*    *    *

Stuart was heading out the door for work.

Ethan hugged him, kissed him, and said, "Drive carefully."

"Okay," Stuart answered.

Ethan looked up at him and laughed. "You're s'posed to say, 'Always,'" he informed him.

"Okay," Stuart said. "Wanna try again?"

Ethan nodded and stood on tippy-toes to hug and kiss him again. In his mind, "try again" mean the entire scene.

*   *   *

On Easter, we decided to do our egg hunts one at a time this year.

We handed Ethan a plastic basket to gather his eggs, and he said excitedly, "Oh, goody! I just love going trick-or-treating."

*   *   *


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