Monday, April 09, 2012


Do you hear that noise? That's the sound of the construction being done on my blog. I'm still tweaking my blog's new look...and I think I'm almost there.

I find that I am particularly picky when it comes to these things as the look makes or breaks my enthusiasm for my blog.

It was the main reason I didn't upgrade to the editable version of Blogger when it became available. Given too many choices, I'm paralyzed in my writing by the mere look of where I'm writing.  It took me awhile to find the "perfect" notebook and pen to begin writing offline.  (See the proof here.)

I guess that's why so many writers are deemed "tempermental." It's really not a problem...just a process that many of us have to work through to feel comfortable. It's our template...or our blank paper...where we bear our heart and soul to the world.

So hang in there with me as I work through my redesign. I think it will click when I have it just the way that I want it. And listen out for that click.

Feel free to leave me a comment or two with your thoughts on the new look. I'd love to know how readable it is...since that's what it's all about, right? 


Anonymous said...

Do not worry, Sue, your blog is even readible for my older eyes. And it is very comfortable food for my soul. Hugs - Geli

Susie said...

Yay!! I'm so glad, Geli!! Welcome and hope to see you LOTS!! xxoo

Woodie said...

As a designer I shouldn't admit this, but I'm usually reading / catching upon blogs on google reader which strips much of the "fun". But, nice to see your colorful new design, I just popped over to check it out. very cheerful. :-)