Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Acts

Random acts of kindness?


Random acts of justified anger?

My hubby and I were discussing this on our way to his workplace today.

When a person in another car stops to let you out, should you wave or get angry?

My point was that it's a kind thing -- whether or not the person meant it to be so, doesn't matter. I always wave when I think the person was being nice.

My hubby's point was that sometimes it's just stupid, especially if it isn't safe to stop or safe for the someone to come out.  If it's the person's right of way, then take it. I totally understand and get that.

But it was a definite "hmm" moment.

I went on to say that I think kindness needs to be shown and shared. How else can we teach our kids to emulate this character trait and later share it as an adult?  And how else can we make our world the "better place" we all long for?

A few posts ago, I wrote about peace on earth. I said I think we look for it in the end of wars, with a nicer government (with lower taxes, or at least more fiscal responsiblity), with fewer guns, and less bullies.

None of those brings peace, not the true lasting peace we wish for.

That peace starts with us and our attitudes, with our hearts belonging to God and letting Him shine through us in our actions and reactions to others.

Peace starts at home -- not with the other family members first, please -- in our very own heart of hearts.

We have to determine to be kind -- no matter how others treat us -- and to treat others nicely -- even when they're rude to us.


To show the next generation that kindness does actually exist beyond the storybooks we read to them as preschoolers.

So sometimes that's means giving a wave to someone who has been kind -- even when it wasn't necessary...or very smart.

That's why these acts of kindness are called "random," right?

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