Monday, April 16, 2012

H is for...


Our seems to be full of them these days.

Estrogen. Progesterone. Testosterone. More estrogen.

With a pubescent girl and a pre-pubescent boy and a toddler-turned-preschooler boy...and a cycling mom...


It's enough to send any sane husband person -- sans hormones -- running for the hills.

Sometimes I wish I had a tent like the women had in the days of Moses from the Bible.  A tent to stay separate from everything and everyone who annoys me.............. But I digress.

Stuart recently came up with the best-est ever idea for me. (Did I mention how much I love this man?)

He said when we move one day, he's going to make sure that we have a "period" room for me.

A period room just for me! Like my very own indoor tent.

And are you ready to hear the design of said-room?

(Hold onto your hats, everyone. It's awesome!)

It will be an oversized room with a big claw-footed tub in one corner and a cupboard full of bath bubbles of all kinds nearby, as well as a cupboard filled with chocolate and a coffee maker and a television with a DVD player and Roku and a cupboard filled with Kiefer movies and chick-flicks.

No kidding. He said ALL of that.

(Did I mention how much I love this man?)

Of course, all that could really only happen after the kids leave another 20+ years...and by then I'll be past "times-of-months."

Still, what's to stop me from taking a bubble bath whilst enjoying some chocolate and a Kiefer-y movie even with hormones?

I'll hold onto my dream, though. It's what makes these "special" times-of-month bearable....for me and him.

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