Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Changes, Changes Everywhere


Anyone who knows me well knows that I abhor detest despise dislike change.

Okay. That's putting it a bit mildly, but you get the point.

So enter the technological world for which everyone seems to have to defend or prove he/she deserves his/her particular job by creating not one, not two, but hundreds of changes to the design, the look, the features, the app. Whatever. You name it, and they seem to be changing it. From user friendly to...user fiendly.

I caved on Facebook and Twitter. While I don't use the latter very often, they gave up on my changing voluntarily to the new design, and in my absence they just changed me over. I visit every now and again so I'll learn the new stuff, I suppose.  Facebook made some big changes from "profile" to "timeline," and I was digging my heels in against changing because I honestly think the new design is stupid, er, um, stinky. It looks clumsy and haphazard. But, again, I ended up changing over...before they decided what my timeline page should look like.

And now when I came back to Blogger...

I've enjoyed using Blogger for the past 7 years. There have been some changes here and there, but nothing I couldn't seem to master in an afternoon. As I remained on the old templates, too afraid of losing data to switch to a new one, I noticed that there were some pretty cool features that I was missing out on.

Then I noticed a little notice on the "dashboard" about big changes (!!) coming in April.

That's this month...

So: voila!  Enter the new and improved (?) "Writer's Block."

Hmm...I'm not so sure about the improved part yet.

But if you'll pardon the "dust," I'll do my best to get back into the blog world. It's been awhile...so I may have to do a little extra "dusting" in my head, as well.

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