Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sweet Super Bowl Sunday!


We're not football fans. We're not Colts or Saints fans. We're not even fans of beer or Doritos.

But we LOVE the Super Bowl...and all the silly ads and snicky-snacky treats that come with it.

It's like a friend on Facebook said, "It's a cultural event -- an American iconic moment -- etc., etc. Heck, I don't like football and even I watch it and graze accordingly!"


So feast we did. And enjoy we did. We even understood and followed the game.

The silly ads....


Some were not so good. We had to mute many of them. And/or switch the channel.

So much for a "family time."

Still, another "fun time was had by all." *wink-grin*

One of my favorite-most Super Bowl ads:

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