Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On Bunnies and Birthdays

We spent tonight, sitting on the floor in Emily's room, celebrating the birthday of two bunnies in our family: her Earl Grey and my Clementine.

There was a plastic teaset and paper placecards and a bunny "cake" made of dry oats and rabbit pellets. There was music and even a toy "corner" for Ethan if he had joined us (though he was already in bed).

We brought brownies and bunny-shaped marshmallows to share. And a present of carrots and wooden-block chewtoys.And as we sat down and watched the bunnies hopping around the room, I took a good look at my kids.

It was one of those freeze-frame moments when you take a mental photograph to "look" at later. It was a warm and fuzzy (no pun intended) time...one that made me realize that this was what it was all about.

Stopping. Sitting together. Laughing. Enjoying. And just being.

Take a moment to try it some time.

I promise you it's very worth it.

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