Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's a Poet...Does He Know It?

Edward's working on a poetry unit in Composition...and we think he might have a hidden poet inside of him.

In honor of his hard work and creativity -- and because it was his birthday a few days ago -- I am highlighting him here on my blog:


The other day,
I thought I heard
A firetruck siren
Loud as a bird.
It wasn't a truck.
It wasn't a bird.
It was a baby,
Loud as I heard.

The Cat-Dog

One day I walked
To a doghouse,
Expecting a dog within.
What I found
Wasn't expected though,
Not expected at all.
What I found was a crazy cat
Eating crimson crayfish.
Chewing on crabs,
That crazy cat was,
Sitting in the doghouse.

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