Monday, February 01, 2010

Musily, Musily, Musily Musing on Monday

Edward at age 1
Happy Monday to you -- the first Monday in February, the month of love, chocolate, and a special Valentine named Edward.

I can't believe we're already entering a new month. Already 2010 is whizzing by!

Tomorrow the groundhog will let us know if we're going to have an "early" Spring. Not that we should trust groundhogs and their weather forecasting abilities... I'm just saying.

Another new installment of 24 tonight! Woooooohoooooo! Er, um, no excitement here... We're only three weeks into it, but we look forward to the next Monday a little too much, I think. It sort of makes the weeks fly by a little too quickly. But we just have to know what happens to Jack.......

Life is speeding by -- literally -- since I see Ethan racing by with something he's not supposed to have... And as I'm slowly trying to get back into my daily blogging, you'll have to forgive my shorter than usual Monday post.

Have a GREAT Monday! Ciao for now!

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