Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some Thoughts...

Editor's note: This was written back in October 2014.

What if Michael Brown had been a white kid on drugs going after a black cop? Where would the sympathies lie? Would this even be in the news? Probably not, and it's my guess that that has happened countless times.

Racism goes both ways, and it takes both sides to see it to erase it. Even "good kids" can make bad choices.

And so what if he was a week away from going to college? What if the cop had been a week away from being married? Or having his first child? What if he had been killed by this "good kid a week away from going to college"? Would that be any less tragic -- or would it be deserved?

This was a matter for the local news in Ferguson...NOT the national news. And rioting over it? That's tragic.

No matter what "color" your pigmentation, you have to follow the law. They're there for the safety of EVERYONE.

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