Monday, January 05, 2015

2014: A Year in Pictures

A new year. It's always difficult to remember everything that happens in a year, but I love how photos can tell that story. I'm a bit, okay, a huge lover of photos. I love taking them and looking at them and collecting them. I really enjoy how they freeze a moment in time so perfectly. Even the photo mistakes have meaning to me. 

So digesting our last year to just 12 photos? I used to be able to do 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. But, if you indulge my photobuggedness (is that even a word?), I'll keep it to a few each month....

Here goes:

We started the new year with a few of us getting ill and a LOT of snow, especially, of course, during the Pennsylvania Farm Show, which, sadly, we weren't able to go to. The doggies got new sweatshirts. We finished the first semester of school. January sped by, leading us to...


This was the month that Edward became a teen, turning 13 on Valentine's Day and got his first iPad mini, with money from everyone in the family. We had to reschedule his birthday party to the weekend after his birthday due to snow...and nearly had to reschedule it again due to snow. Edward chose to have a Build-a-Bear party at the store in Lancaster. While Stuart was on a trip, we used some of Stuart's hotel points to go overnight to a local Hampton Inn. Always a fun time for fun that some of us were extremely sad when it was over. And Emily and I went to the PaSRBA Convention where we found a new furkid named Lovebug, who joined our family and lives with Ethan.

Next came...


The month continued the "snow" theme. Emily, Edward, and I went to a local rabbit/cavy show where we showed three of the Himalayan dwarfs and one of Edward's piggies. We enjoyed a fun St. Patrick's Day with "Taco the Mornin'" and the more traditional (American) corned beef and cabbage. Emily took her SATs, and Ethan enjoyed his half birthday (5.5). I took Emily and her friend Lucy to a Skillet concert where we got in for free by volunteering to help with Food for the Hungry. Emily started the newspaper at school, thus The Agora Times officially went into production with the first issue happening in...


Easter came in April. The kids looked dapper. We had fun doing Easter eggs and having our traditional egg hunt. We missed one and found it later in the month...after a squirrel had eaten all the goodies inside. Emily celebrated her half birthday (16.5). The trees and flowers were beautiful and led into a wonderfully plush and flowery...


A beautiful start to the month, and I had a lovely Mother's Day. But the 22nd brought "The Hailstorm of the Century" to our area and wiped out all the flowers and leafy trees and our car, house and porch roofs, and outside furniture and toys. God provided us with the insurance money to replace everything -- with even nicer things. We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Emily went to the prom and took her first AP test, which she passed with flying colors and got a 4. 


This month brought a fun trip to Knoebel's Amusement Park with school and the END of school. Edward (a.k.a. the "Blur") took another session of one-on-one soccer at Body Zone. We celebrated Father's Day. The month flew by into...


We went to our borough's annual July 4th parade. Ethan and I went to the Crayola Experience with our friend Beth and her granddaughter Madison. Gigi got a new summer dress that she loved. And Emily and I started on the "2014 Official College Tour," which included Albright College, Kutztown University, Reading Area Community College, and Arcadia University.


This month brought the open forum for politicians that Emily created and organized with seven other cyberschooled students, including her brother. Edward started high school soccer. We got school materials for the new school year, and we had our annual "Camp Woohoohaha!" family day camp. Edward had a fun half-birthday (13.5).


Edward started at Voices. School started after Labor Day, Emily's last year of school. Now, we officially had a senior, freshman, and 2nd grader. Stuart had his birthday, turning a palindrome, 44. Ethan had his birthday and turned 6. Edward had his first soccer game of the season. Ethan started his Fall U8 soccer season with us as his coaches.


Our birthday month. Emily turned 17 and I turned 44. We celebrated with My Little Pony shirts and all of us going to a local hotel to swim all day in their pool and have a night away. We did our school photos in the park. Halloween was fun with trick-or-treating in the cold. 


We had a chilly month with Thanksgiving bringing a bit of snow. My lovely aunt and uncle hosted a beautiful dinner as usual. We went shopping in the little shops on Penn Ave. with our friends, Dawn and Katrina, on Small Business Saturday. Ethan got glasses.


Christmas Eve with candles. Christmas Day with family and presents. My mom and dad made a lovely and yummy dinner as usual. Boxing Day was a success. Pagoda Day on top of Mt. Penn. We started the month with Breakfast with Santa. We went to NYC on the Eve of Christmas Eve. And played games and watched movies between the holidays. New Year's Eve was spent with our friends, the Stumps, and games and lots of goodies. And then it was...




Woodie said...

Nice recap. great pix. Looks like a family full of love and joy!

Susie said...

Thanks, Woodie! <3 Glad to be able to share it with you!!! xxoo