Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Today in my SPAM folder, I had a message with the subject line: "Find out when you will die."


It was a quiz to know when you will pass from this earth.

Not my idea of an uplifting subject, but it brought a thought to mind. If I really could know, would I want to know? Would we want to have the knowledge of how many days/weeks/months/years we might have left here?

Yikes. It would certainly change a lot of perspectives, huh?

While I'm not afraid to die -- thank You, God, for that blessed assurance -- I don't know how or what I would feel about that knowledge. What would I do with it? Would I try to live each day fuller, with more meaning? Would I be kinder and more joyful, knowing that I only had "X" amount of time to do that? Would I have more courage to tell more people about that assurance?

Or would I just give up and begin the countdown....


Maybe I should be living in that first way anyway.


A sobering, but important, thought to ponder, to be sure.

Exactly how am I living today?

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Anonymous said...

My mom had a saying when we were little "When Jesus comes back, is that what you want Him to see you doing?" usually when we were fighting amongst ourselves or doing something we shouldn't. I think it's a similar thought.