Monday, October 12, 2009

Mid-month Monday Musings Magnified

How's that for an alliterative title?

Happy Monday! The Monday before the "Ides of October," which also happens to be Emily's and my birthday. Yippee!!

Well, yippee, I think...

Emily is definitely more excited about her birthday than I am of mine. Somehow turning 12 is a little easier than turning 39-and-holding. I know it's just a number...but somehow the further away from 35 I get, the more I miss it...

And Happy Columbus Day! I heard on the news that they are trying to rewrite history and prove that Columbus was Spanish and not Italian...and I say: WHO CARES? I mean, really. He sailed the "ocean blue" in 1492, for goodness' sake. Isn't it a bit of a moot point now? Just saying.

So a busy birthday weekend -- my dad's 70th on Friday and a dinner with my mom and siblings and their families on Saturday -- gives way to a busy birthday "end-of-week." Emily and I have been brainstorming free ideas to do for our birthday "adventure." We decided that because it's such a "lean" year that it might be challenging and fun!! We shall see, right?

"Monday Movie Night" and the 24 countdown continue. Tonight's viewing (we hope) will be: The Proposal.

Busy week ahead. So ciao for now!

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Anonymous said...

What did you end up doing for your "lean" birthday? I saw some of your pictures on FB but I can't tell what they are. Hope you enjoyed!