Monday, November 16, 2009

On Rudeness and Children

I hate rude kids.

I'm not talking about bullies or kids that act bratty naturally.

I'm talking about kids who can't look me in the eye, shake my hand, or say "Hello, Mrs. Foote."

Okay. Let me rephrase that. Maybe it's not rude kids I don't like, but the rudeness kids display?


And lest you nod your head in agreement, ask yourself, "Can my kids do this?"

I know my little darlings have on occasion.

I'm discouraged, to say the least, when I enter an area with children and greet them -- by name, if I know them -- and have them look away. No correction from Mom and Dad. Sometimes, their parents giggle in embarrassment. Sometimes they make excuses.

But our primary goal as parents is to raise our kids to be adults. Adults who can function in our world. If we live with a moral compass -- i.e. God -- our focus is to raise them into adults who know and love God, too.

God ISN'T rude. God is friendly. God is kind.

But how will our little people ever make it as an adult -- in interviewing for a job or applying for a grant or scholarship, in auditioning for a part -- if we don't force them out of their "shyness?"

My parents would never have stood for unfriendliness from us. We would have heard about it all the way home from wherever we were and then all the way into the house and up to our rooms. It just wasn't done. If someone addressed you, you looked them in the eye and, if appropriate, shook hands and said, "Hello."

Never would we have dreamt of looking away. [Insert horror music and hushing sound.]

Take a good look at your family. Encourage your kids to be friendly and polite.

And we'll definitely do the same.

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