Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Bites

Random snippets and thoughts from my "mommy" journal:
  • I have a baby whose cheeks smell like spiced cookies.

  • My daughter, Emily, 12, just informed me that she's going to be an "orca-ologist" and design clothes for orcas........... Hmm...I wonder what the "demand" will be.

  • I am watching my happy baby smash rice crispies with his juice cup.... I wonder how it is that people mellow with each child, especially since I would never have been so amused with the first one doing that....

  • I just discovered the liquefied Kit-Kat the baby was driving, holding, squeezing, and loving at my parents' house yesterday....and, funny enough, it's solid again and nearly back to its normal shape. Makes me want to contact Hershey's and congratulate them on a clever product...or not. Hmm... Wonder what makes it do that...

  • I am laughing at my baby who discovered that his finger fits perfectly in his nostril....as long he doesn't discover that Cheerios fit in there, too........

  • I just watched Ethan make it "rain" rice crispies on a very grateful poochie with no "umbrella" except his tongue.

  • I love how my 13-month-old cheers for himself when he does the right thing. Although, it seems a little egotistical when he stops himself from doing a naughty thing over and over just to cheer for himself.

  • I just heard my 12-year-old tell my 13-month-old that he looked "all tough and manly" with his PJs unbuttoned at the top. I guess that's the look the baby was going for.

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