Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Half-a-B'day, Half-a-B'day, Half-a-B'day Onward

August 14th brought a lot of activity to our household -- including enjoying afternoon tea with my sister and nephew and taking a trip to the local petstore for a one-hour wait with a whining, barking dog to get his annual shots.

But the most important event that day was Edward's "Half Birthday."

We started this tradition when Emily reached her 6-month milestone. We thought it might give her some exposure to the birthday song thing, as well as treat her to a day of her "own." (For those new to my blog, Emily arrived on my 27th birthday, making us "birthday buddies.")

Thus, the "Half-B'day" tradition continues.

It's nothing big or fancy. Just a fun dinner, some small, silly presents, and cupcakes times the age number and a half.

The kids get a kick out of it and look forward to this halfway point in their year with almost the same excitement as their actual birthdays.

It really is a milestone of sorts for them, too. They're a whole half-a-year older. Somehow it makes them feel very important to say their age-plus-half.

And why not?

Time ticks by so slowly in a child's life anyway... This gives them something to look forward to and only 6 months more to wait until their real birthday!


Anonymous said...

Do I get any cool points if I can name the poem your title is taken from? I think it's Alfred Lord Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade. Is it?

Susie said...

Welcome back, Liz! And, yes, you can have 1,000 "cool points" for knowing that poem! :o) It's one of my favorites!!