Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Busy Hands

I first saw this painting down in Manteo, N.C., a little town outside of Nags Head. My mom spotted it on the wall of a gallery we always visited on our vacations down there.

She spotted it because it looked exactly like my two little sweethearts -- minus the curls on the blonde little boy, of course -- enjoying a day at the beach. (See the photo on yesterday's musings.)

It's called "Busy Hands," and I thought it was a fantastic painting. The artist, Laurie Snow Hein, did a wonderful job of capturing a moment with these two little people. It's almost like you can walk up to them and join in their fun.

You can hear the soft pounding of the surf behind them...and feel the warmth of the sun on their backs and faces...and taste the saltiness of the ocean air.

I love paintings that allow you to join them, to go into the scene and feel what the subjects are feeling...if only for a moment.

A brief but happy moment of escape...


carebear said...

Beautiful painting. Very realistic. On first glance it looks like a photo.

Emilia alias Jade said...

Susie, I do agree with you. Your saying that you like paintings that wants you to join them. I think that's the secret of the best paintings. It gives you the chance to fantasies, like if you were there. Beautiful painting, nice written article. Well done!