Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Tuesday TV Tidbit

I'm a sucker for soppy television shows. Put in a cute animal and some kids, and I'm a-gonner emotions-wise. The way that a story can bring tears or laughter or rage or fear is such an interesting "power" to study. It's probably one of my favorite reasons to write.

The "worst" type of television-viewing for me is watching a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. The ads in between the already tear-jerking movie...well, enough said, right?


I took an advertising class in college and really enjoyed learning how advertisers evoke emotions from their viewers. I reflected on the sweet commercials we reviewed during that time, figuring out which ones worked and which ones didn't.

Here's one that I remembered that really worked. The proof? I still remembered it.

Blog-hopping with Tillman today. Something fun...and a first for me.

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Prudence said...

Very glad to meet you! These Blog Hops are a lot of fun!