Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Sweet Treat

Some friends from church gave each of our children a $5 giftcard to Friendly's, a restaurant chain known for its yummy ice cream creations.

So the older two decided to put them together -- along with a $10 one Emily got for her birthday -- and take the whole family out for dessert.

It was such a treat to share ice cream with them, especially since they felt very important footing the bill. (We could get used to that trend. *wink-grin*)

Emily and Edward each order the "Vol-cone-o" ice cream sundae, which came with three different toppings and two scoops of ice cream under a big upside-down waffle cone. They got to pour each of the toppings on top before they ate it to give the illusion of "lava" flowing down the cone.

Of course, they LOVED it! Who wouldn't?

Ethan had his very first ice cream sundae -- the same one both his older siblings had as their first sundae -- a "Monster Sundae."

They say that some kids are born with a "sweet tooth."

Let's just say that even though Ethan is a very late teether he was born with a full set of "sweet teeth."

He was in heaven...and ate every last bit of that sundae.

It was hilarious to watch.

And definitely a treat -- all around!

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Jadie said...

How sweet and what a treat!!! ANother reason we have to come visit that lovely country across the ocean....