Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Contacting Emily

Just after she got her contacts

Emily reached another new stage today.

She needed to go for her annual eye exam, and Stuart and I thought it might be time for her to try some contact lens.

Emily was born with the most extraordinarily beautiful and large brown eyes. It was the feature most people noticed first. In fact, when she was about 4, the Monsters Inc. movie hit the theatres, and people nicknamed her "Boo" after the movie's main human character. It fit her, especially if I put her hair in ponytails.

Of course, she more or less grew into her eyes.

About four years ago, we found out she needed glasses. Sigh. We loved her in glasses, too, but they seemed to hide her pretty eyes.

Then came dance class.

I don't dance, but I do wear glasses to read and drive. I cannot imagine trying to dance around in them.

But she did, and she did well despite the awkwardness the glasses brought to her.

Now, she's older and more responsible (in theory, right?)...and at an age where she needs a little confidence boosting.

We think the contact lens did that for her.

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Stuart said...

What a pretty girl - good thing she takes after her mommy...
Love the blog title!!!