Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taking a Dip in the Genetic Pool

Being chiefly English (from Stuart and some ancestory on my father's side), our kids fall very quickly into English "habits."

One that all of them have picked up is that of dipping their food.

We recently recalled that Emily actually stuck a plastic fork in the "horsey" (horseradish and mayonaise) sauce at a fastfood restaurant when she was about Ethan's age and then licked it off quite happily. Give 'em sauce with a bit of food, and they're happy as clams.

(Of course, it's actually said in jest since there are plenty of Americans who also share this particular skill.)

All that to say: May I present our newest addition performing his first attempt at dipping...

I must say that he is a natural at it, having never been given the opportunity to do it and yet knowing exactly what to do.

I missed shooting one last photo -- when he ran out of french fries and stuck his fingers in the dipping sauce cup, licking them off in satisfaction -- but the mental one I took as I quickly cleaned off his fingers was precious enough.

Welcome to the "dipping" family, little Bunny. You're already a pro. I guess it's in the genes?

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