Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Musings Moseying Along

Happy Monday to you! The laaaaaaast Monday in September. Wow!! Almost our birthday month! Yippee!!

The weather turned decidedly cooler today. I think the outer world suddenly realized that it's Autumn now.

We had a very busy weekend which included a fun time visiting with our Japanese friend and former exchange student, Haruko. She arrived on Thursday evening and is staying with my parents until tomorrow. A quick visit, but it has been wonderful to catch up and reminisce.

Saturday night found us at my parents' house for a supposed meal to celebrate Haruko's visit as a family... It was indeed that -- with the added bonus of a surprise "39-and-holding" party from my family for Stuart and me. Since the date was nearly equidistant between our birthdays, they thought it was the perfect opportunity to do such a deed. And surprise us they did. (Wow! And I'm usually a hard one to surprise since I still have a journalist's nose and instincts. *wink-grin* In other words, I'm nosy.) But they all -- including the kids -- did a great job of keeping "mum" on the subject. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of cavatini (Mom's specialty!! Mmm!) and salad and bread, followed by ice cream cake. Then we played some "old-age" games, courtesy of my fun-loving and creative still older (hee-hee!) sisters.

The photo above is six-foot-seven-inch Stuart standing beside our 15-year-old nephew, Erik, who is about to "catch" him in height. Every time my family gets together, we are always amazed by his growth. My bet is on 6'8" as his final height. We shall see. I should have taken a photo of Emily beside my mom who is 5'7". At nearly 12, I think she may have caught up with her. My bet is 5'10" for her. I guess you could say we grow 'em big in this family? *wink-grin* (again)

The baby has found his inner-man "strut." Gone is the baby toddle. It's quite funny to watch. He likes to run, too, though he's still working on those brakes. And last week he actually hopped...a two-feet-off-the-ground hop. It was so funny. Of course he probably won't do it again for months now since he surprised himself, too.

Heard from the 8-year-old (of his baby brother): "He's growing up so fast." Hmm...We could say the same about you, my sweet boy.

Speaking of sweet boys, Edward's team lost another game on Saturday morning. We felt bad for them since they didn't get any goals at all. It gives the team's morale a bit of a blow when they continually lose. Still, I thought they played better than ever. Each game they seem to improve. And they're definitely trying...and having fun!

Anyhoo...lots to do to catch up on life and the house and our schoolwork. Sigh. Whatever happened to the slow, boring days of youth?

Ciao for now!

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